Burials at Sea by Ocean Tranquility LLC

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     We who have chosen to be buried at sea are a unique segment of the human race. It is our uniqueness that has allowed us to make the conscious decision to become one with nature forever. Many people have found Burial at Sea to be a natural progression following cremation. With that thought in mind, Ocean Tranquility LLC offers a dignified, caring and affordable means of burial to those who wish to have the cremains of their loved ones interred in the Atlantic Ocean.

     As a wife and mother I understand the significance of loving relationships during times of sorrow. Consequently, I do not sub-contract such a personally compassionate task to others, and that is why all Burials at Sea are performed by me to assure the continuity of your devotion.

     I will travel approximately four miles from the coastline of New Jersey in the Atlantic City/Ocean City vicinity to ensure that your loved one is laid to rest in a very quiet and serene area of the Atlantic Ocean. If you prefer to have specific prayers or memorial words spoken at the dissemination service, I will certainly accommodate your wishes. If you do not have any specific requests I will conduct the dignified Burial at Sea service, concluding with the reading of my poem The Living Sea. At this time I will spread a blanket of seasonal flowers that will encircle the cremains of your loved one in the tranquil ocean of life.

Ocean Tranquility LLC
     My basic burial fee of $275.00 also includes the filing of all required regulatory governmental documents relating to Burials at Sea. Within 30 days of the Burial at Sea service, Ocean Tranquility LLC will provide you with a certificate of dissemination. The certificate is suitable for framing and will state the date, time, latitude and longitude of the final resting place of your loved one's cremains. My service is available from May to October.

     Given the fact that many times the weather and sea conditions on the Eastern Seaboard change within a very short period of time, I do not recommend, nor do I offer, a Burial at Sea package that includes the family and/or friends of the deceased. I do, however, offer a very reasonably priced final farewell for those who wish to become unified with one of Mother Earth's most imposing wonders.

     The delivery of the cremains of your loved one to Ocean Tranquility LLC, along with the required authorization document, original sealed death certificate, and fee in the form of a money order or bank check payable to Ocean Tranquility LLC, can be made via the USPS Priority Mail Express Service. Kindly notify me, via e-mail, of the USPS Priority Mail Express number when it is issued to you. Upon receipt of your loved one's cremains and all the previously stated requirements, the Burial at Sea will take place, weather permitting, in a timely and respectful manner.

     If you wish to express a solemn farewell to your loved one as I escort them out to sea, I can direct you to an area that abuts the Great Egg Harbor Inlet where you may observe the final and respectful departure of your loved one on the journey to their ultimate resting place in the majestic Atlantic Ocean.


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